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 In Paragould, AR

The key to a healthy smile is preventing dental problems or addressing them before they become serious. Rawls Dental Care provides comprehensive preventive dental care to our patients in Paragould and the surrounding areas. Preventative dentistry helps patients avoid gum disease, tooth decay, and cavities. Along with regular dental exams, good oral hygiene is crucial to preventing serious dental issues and promoting overall health. Contact Rawls Dental Care today to schedule your appointment!

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Comprehensive Preventative Dental Care 

There are many aspects of preventative dental care that aim to achieve good oral hygiene and health. Some of the key components include:

Preventative Dental Care:
  • Regular dental checkups – Routine dental checkups allow us to detect any signs of dental problems and give personalized guidance on our patients’ dental needs.
  • Dental cleanings – Dental cleanings remove plaque and tartar build up from the teeth, which reduces the risk of cavities and gum disease. Schedule your dental cleaning with us every six months.
  • Oral hygiene education – The team at Rawls Dental Care educate our patients on proper brushing and flossing techniques to achieve a healthy smile!
  • X-rays – We utilize x-rays to detect cavities, impacted teeth, infections, and more, allowing for timely treatment.
  • Oral cancer screening – During your exam, your team screens for any signs of oral cancer.

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