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As a general dentist in Paragould, Arkansas, Rawls Dental Care provides a wide range of dental services and restorative treatments to our patients. General dentistry includes fillings, crowns, extractions, as well as tooth replacement options such as dentures, partials, and bridges. At Rawls Dental Care, our patient’s health and comfort are our top priority. We provide personalized, industry-leading treatments and care to ensure our patients achieve smiles they’re proud of. Learn more about our general family dental services below.

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Preventative Care

Routine dental checkups and regular cleanings allow us to detect any signs of dental problems and give personalized guidance on our patients’ dental needs.

Dental Cleanings

Our hygienists provide routine dental cleanings to thoroughly remove plaque and tartar buildup, as well as stains on the teeth. For optimal health, patients should have their teeth cleaned every six months.

Oral Exams

We examine the teeth, gums, and tongue, as well as take x-rays to assess our patients overall health. We check for gum disease, cavities, infection, oral cancer, and any other abnormalities.

Restorative Dentistry

We provide a range of restorative dental services, including fillings, crowns, bridges, and dentures. We can also repair damaged or missing teeth.


Rawls Dental Care provides comprehensive gum care treatments for periodontal disease.

Tooth Extractions

In case of severe dental issues, we can provide dental extractions.

Emergency Dental Care

Rawls Dental Care offers comprehensive emergency dental care for our patients.

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